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Our expertise lies in strategy formulation and evaluation, mainly for the public sector. We also assist our clients with implementation of organisational renewal processes as well as project/programme management systems.

Examples of the kinds of assignments we are well-equipped to carry out are provided below.

Strategy / policy formulation

  • Competitive regional economic cluster studies regarding the maritime, rail and aerospace clusters in the Netherlands
  • Socio-economic impact analysis of the implantation and exploitation of a resort in the province of Limburg
  • EU structural funds programme formulation (incl. European Social Fund, European Regional Fund, INTERREG)
  • Ex ante evaluation of a Polish EU Structural Fund programme
  • Facilitation of workshops for setting up sectoral employment committees for a major city

Policy, programme and project evaluation

  • Evaluation of:
    • An EU Framework programme for research
    • Maritime policy in the Netherlands
    • A Dutch development aid programme
  • Developing and setting up programme and project evaluation systems (e.g. for an European Social Fund funding agency)

Strategy implementation

Project/programme management :

  • Setting up and running a Community of Practice on partnership in the European Social Fund
  • Setting up and running a Community of Practice on socio-technical transformation of organisations
  • Setting up and running a Community of Practice on Results Based Management in EU programmes
  • Facilitating a network on public governance

Organisational renewal :

  • Organisational assessment of the Dutch railways
  • Supporting the strategic renewal of a government agency

Research support

  • Advising on research design and execution
  • Training researchers and consultants

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