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Welcome to Latitude Consulting

'Latitude' refers to the well-known nautical term. Although longitude was already measurable and used by navigators for a long time, it was only with the invention of the 'astrolabe' that it was possible to determine one's latitude.

This key piece of technology, combined with the sailing skills and vision of the early explorers opened up a much larger part of the world for discovery.

Latitude consulting likewise combines the innovative use of technology with scientific rigour and managerial pragmatism to reach for new horizons, achieving maximum societal impact (click here for more on its mission, vision and values).

Its expertise consists of applying its proprietary 'IDEAS'© and 'RAPID'© approaches in the area of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation, mainly, but not solely in the public sector.

In addition, Latitude assists its clients with the ensuing organisational renewal and project/programme management.

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